Death is no reason to stop living


A lot of times I find myself getting upset and thinking about the months that have gone by since my dad passed. Sometimes it gets difficult to go on with my day when I get overwhelmed with the concept of time. It’s hard to conceptualize months of your life that you never expected to live without someone. I find myself wondering how to keep living with the concept of dealing with the death of a loved one.

Lately, I’ve decided that it shouldn’t stop you from living. Instead, I’ve been thinking about it as a reason to live. We should have a stronger desire to live despite the fear and heartache of death.

I’ve always considered death as one of my biggest fears. Losing a loved one, a friend, or a family member. When I think about my dad and how he would encourage me to live, I want to experience more.

Why should we stop living? Death is no reason to stop living.

I want to travel more. I want to experience more. Connect with people more. Love people more.

In the scary world that is today’s society, I find inspiration from my dad’s death. Thinking of him gives me reasons to try harder and to achieve my goals. It makes me want to get the best out of this gift we are given. It encourages me to never stop fighting for what I believe in.

Life is so short. Why should we allow the things that scare us to stop us from living to our fullest. I know it seems cliche, but its the honest truth.

We are taught to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Why don’t we practice this more? Live our lives for others…including those who have passed on.

Think about the advice your loved one would give you; what would they say? Take their advice. Live by honoring their ways. Teach others what you have learned. Continue with their legacy and share it with others.

Travel to a foreign country. Try something you’ve never done before. Believe in yourself and in others.

Never stop fighting for what you believe in because I will never stop fighting for my dad.

Most importantly, Don’t be afraid to live and live boldly.


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