What Day is it?

Here is a picture taken in Asolo by my friend, Lynsey.

Today, I am leaving for Venice as soon as classes finish and I thought during my break I could share the phrases, questions and quotes that have most defined these first two weeks.

What is sleep?

Obviously, when you go over seas jet lag is a massive barrier between being exhausted and feeling normal. On top of that, we have had two weeks of training, that at times has lasted until 1 am. Moreover, I mean how could we not go out almost every night of the week; it’s Italy.

Wait, there’s actually studying in study abroad…

With there being various trainings these first two weeks, our school schedule hasn’t quite been strict. Now that school is picking up, we are all being reminded that, indeed, we will have to study while we are in Italy (unfortunately).

What’s your name, again?

As this is a program with roughly 80 students from universities across the states, the majority of us are still getting to know one another.

Uno vino rosso, per favore!

That’s one glass of red wine, please! In our surrounding area, the total cost of one glass of wine is around one euro; like yes please!

What is that…?

Our school provides us with cafeteria style meals daily. Typically, they are either a hit or a miss, so often times I find myself asking the person next to me, “what is that” because I’m not always in the mood to explore the day’s mystery meat.

What day is it?

With the 7 hour time difference, late nights, and constantly changing daily schedule due to training, most of the time I have to triple check to find out what day it is. I think today is Saturday.

Is there wifi here?

Many of us, myself included, have strict phone plans that normally do not allow for constant data. As American college kids, you could imagine the separation anxiety.

Parla Inglese?

Holy shit, does anyone speak English because my Italian isn’t quite fluent yet and I’m hungry or lost.

I hope you enjoyed this cheesy, little insight to some of the common factors of my first two weeks of study abroad. Be on the lookout for more to come, especially following my trip to Venice!



Gina Mueller


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