Stop being selfish

One of my life’s missions has revealed itself in the last year since my dad’s passing, and it is to spread suicide and mental health awareness and to change the stigma surrounding it.

Often I find myself wondering why there is such a stigma… but the realist in me has recently realized, it is no wonder… because we live in a society that breeds low self esteem, loneliness, and a lack of self worth. We live in a selfish society.

I’ve come to terms that the environments we live in are extremely important. So then why do we, as humans, create such a vile environment.

Why must your successes mean that someone else must fail? Why must our own confidence come at the cost of putting someone else down? Why can’t we all succeed?

Think about the person you love the most in this world…even if you are at your worst, wouldn’t you want them to succeed? Wouldn’t you want them to be happy? I know I would.

I am lost with confusion as to why there is still such an enormous amount of bullying, cyber bulling, and flat out tearing one another down.

Why do we do that to ourselves…why do we do that to others…why do we create this toxic environment for our future children?

Now, I am not naive and I know there are some people that we may just never get along with, I am guilty of this myself, but it’s unnecessary to put that person down.

Why must one opinion be right and one be wrong? Opinions are opinions for a reason, they are all valid to that person.

I believe there are certain things that we, as individuals, must be selfish about for our own mental stability…but does that mean compromising another person’s beliefs and shattering their confidence?

Women, especially, we should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. It’s hard enough to be a woman with everything our species goes through…why make it worse?

There is no logic to why our toxic society exists other than a lack of caring for the person next door. I’m not saying you have to be their best friend, but shouldn’t we want everyone to be happy?

Care enough, that the next time someone is being nasty towards you, you can calmly and quietly walk away without being nasty in return. Trust me, it’s harder said than done, but it starts with the small things.

If we can change our attitudes towards one another and uplift others instead of tearing them down, then we can help save lives. We can put a smile on the face of a struggling teen. We can make the widow laugh for the first time in months. We can change the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide so that our children and our children’s children can live in an environment that promotes self acceptance, self worth, and the idea of a community. In the end, we are all a community of God’s children, aren’t we?



Gina Marie

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