Blessings in disguise


If you know me well, you understand that the last year and a half hasn’t been easy. My dad’s suicide, the stress that followed, the confusion on how to start life again. It’s all been an entirely overwhelming process, not to mention the trials and tribulations of daily life and being a college student.

If you’re anything like me, whenever something bad happens, you start to wonder what you did so wrong to deserve it. I have slowly begun to understand that I can’t think like that. Not only can I not think like that, I am also wrong. As the saying goes, bad things DO happen to good people. We’re not always sure why, but they do.

Over the last year and a half, there has been A LOT of bad. But, I would say reflecting on the last 7 months, I can’t help but feel that I live an incredibly blessed life. 

In the last 7 months, I have traveled the world and been on amazing trips with friends around the US. I have the most amazing man I could ever ask for who spoils me more and more every day. For my family, things have been falling in place and everyone is beginning to feel like they have a fresh start. and much more.

I know this sounds crazy, but despite the incredibly tragic death of my father, I can sit here today and tell you that I live a blessed life.

I’m not sure what it is inside of me that allows me to feel thankful while still feeling pain every day. Maybe its that my dad’s death opened my eyes, it allowed me to become more empathetic, it has given me perspective maybe. Whatever it is, I’m thankful for it.

While I would give back every blessing I have ever been given just to have one day with my dad again, I am still so thankful for the life that I live.

I know that life can get us down, often. And I’m not saying I am happy all day, every day, but I hope that we can all start to see, that despite the troubles we go thru (some worse than others) if we can feel thankful every day, we can find the blessings in disguise.


xoxo, G


One thought on “Blessings in disguise

  1. Gina, sadly you’ve gone through such a devastating tragedy – there are NO words! The way you’ve taken such positive lessons from your painful experience leaves me in awe! YOU are a beautiful soul! Really! I’m so impressed by your wisdom. Your Dad lives on in you, your siblings and in your Mom’s heart! LOVE YOU ALL! Pray for you all regularly! ❤️😇replied

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